AI face and posture Detecting

1. How Does Pxierra Ai Detection Work?

Once the camera has been connected to a power supply and the Covered Face and Rollover Alerts function has been switched on in the App, the AI detection function will be activated; when the baby is placed in the crib, Pxierra Ai will first send out an alert within approximately 90 seconds to let parents know whether it has detected the baby or whether the baby's face is covered.

Based on the baby’s movement, positioning, and face visibility in the visual field, Pxierra Ai will determine if an alert needs to be sent. In the event that Pxierra detects the baby rolling over or if the mouth and/or nose is covered, an alert will be sent to the VitaRadar App on Android device or iOS device. 
To ensure that your baby is sleeping safely and soundly, Pxierra Ai will examine the crib based on movements detected or re-examine regularly to proactively detect if any Covered Face/Rollover events arise.


2. Ideal Setup

The floor stand (floor stand, crib attachment or wall mount) is required for the Covered Face and Rollover Alerts function. Pxierra Ai Baby Monitor is most effective when it is placed directly above the crib with the camera looking directly down at the baby, and your crib filling the full screen. This view angle is required to correctly determine the baby’s posture. If the camera is not set up in this recommended position, it may cause the camera’s AI to misjudge the events occurring and may result in inaccurate detection.

3. What May Cause Inaccurate Detection?

The following setup may cause inaccurate AI detection due to inadequate camera positioning. Please ensure that the camera is properly set up to minimize error notifications.

If Pxierra Ai Baby Monitor is positioned too far or too high from the crib, and if the camera angle is not positioned directly down at the crib.
If there is too much stuff in the crib (ie. pillows, stuffed animals, toys.)
The Pxierra Ai baby monitor was designed to detect one baby at same time. If there is more than one baby in the crib, the AI detection will not be able to function properly.
If the baby wears wrap cap or thick swaddle, which makes it hard for the monitor to detect your little one's biological signal. 
Please refer to this article for more detailed info on how to improve the effective of AI detection.
Pxierra Ai detection will trigger & send alerts at different intervals depending on the baby’s movement. In most cases when baby is in the crib and hyperactive, Pxierra Ai will detect any potential events at high frequency, while in some cases when baby is not in the crib or when baby’s in the crib with less movement, it will detect and send alerts at different frequencies relatively.

* Note: the AAP recommends that cribs contain no blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, or bumper pads placed around your baby. Babies may roll into any of these items resulting in suffocation.

4. Baby Detected & Didn't Detect Baby

· Baby Detected

Even if you are not at home with your baby, Pxierra can keep you updated on your baby’s status. In addition to being able to log into the Pxierra App and view your baby whenever you’d like, Pxierra will also inform you when your baby has been placed into the crib.

· Didn't Detect Baby

If Pxierra detects that the baby is not in the crib, or if their whole body is covered by an object such as a blanket, our AI will register that there is no baby in the crib and send a notification to your app in case something’s wrong.

If an object has fully covered the baby, potentially causing an airway obstruction, it is critical that the parents are notified so that they can see what is going on. Parents can have peace of mind when they lay their baby down into the crib knowing that they’ll be notified if a situation arises where they need to step in.

5. Notifications/Alerts

When Pxierra detects a Covered Face or Rollover event, a notification will be sent to parents so they may investigate. Parents will also be able to preview photos that Pxierra has taken of the crib to get a better idea of why the notification was sent:

* iPhone: After receiving a notification, press and hold the notification banner to preview the photo of the event.
* Android phone: After receiving a notification, pull the notification down to preview the photo of the event.

6. Review Events

You may review all the alerts and notifications on the ‘Notifications Tab’ to browse all previous events.  Alternatively, you can go into full screen mode in the App and review the 18 hour video playback.

7. How to Customize the Alerts?

The Covered Face and Rollover alerts are completely customizable, so whether your little one is a stomach sleeper or he/she no longer needs Covered Face alerts, we've made it possible to disable either of these notifications without affecting any other notifications.

You may customize the notifications by going to Pxierra App Settings → A.I. Detection → Tap on the tab of the camera that you'd like to adjust at the top → Select Covered Face and Rollover Detection or Covered Face Detection ONLY.


8. How to customize the Detection Zone?

You can set your Crib Detection Zone so Pxierra knows what areas to focus on as part of our Covered Face and Rollover Alerts and avoid areas outside the crib where you may pass by to reduce false alerts.

You can customize the detection zone by going to Pxierra App Settings → Tap on the tab of the camera that you'd like to adjust at the top → A.I. Detection → Set Detection Zone.

Pxierra Reminder: Please make sure the Detection Zone covers the entire crib area. The "Set Crib Detection Zone" function is designed for the AI detection, which determines the area to focus on as part of our Covered Face and Rollover Alerts. Setting this does not mean narrowing the camera's view to the detection zone, so you can still see Pxierra' wide angle view during the live stream and 18 hour playback.

Correct Crib Detection Set-Up: the Detection Zone covers the entire crib area and avoids areas outside the crib that parents may pass by.

Incorrect Crib Detection Set-Up: the Detection Zone is too small. Please avoid setting the Detection Zone too tightly around the baby. This may result in inaccurate detection.

9. Sleep Safety Tips

Pxierra’ co-creator and pediatrician consultant Dr. Kenneth Yeh shares the following tips for new parents to ensure sleep safety for their little ones:

* An extra bumper pad is not required for the crib railing.
* The baby should not share the same bed as the parents. 
* Please refrain from having pillows, toys or blankets in the crib.
* Wearing a one-piece pajama lowers the risk that clothing will cover the face.
* The mattress should be firm enough to not cause airway obstruction due to mattress sag.