APP Guidelines

Use the following methods to download our APP And start the journey of guarding your baby~

You can download the app by selecting the installation package for your phone system

Software Specifications

APP using environment

Android 7 or above / iOS 10.0 or above

Number of live streaming on client side

The number of video direct and simultaneous broadcast 1, the number of indicator large live broadcast 36

Number of family devices

The maximum number of devices that can be added to a single family group is 200

Number of family groups

The maximum number of families that can be created by a single App account is 20

Number of family members

Maximum number of family members that can be added to a single family 20

Number of multi-logins

Number of mobile devices that can be logged in at the same time for a single account 200

Number of room devices

Maximum number of devices that can be added to a single room 50

Number of device sharing users

The maximum number of devices that can be shared to other users by a single device is 20

Number of message notifications per device

No limit to the maximum number of messages that can be distributed from a single device


* First, download our APP from "APP Store" or "Google Play" with your cell phone.

* Connect your phone to the network (WiFi/LAN) of the device according to the network allocation process in the installation steps.

* Open the APP and follow the APP Help Center for basic setup.

Mobile interface display function description:

  1. Live Photo
  2. Real-time video recording
  3. Two-way voice intercom activation button
  4. Real-time pulse rate monitoring per minute
  5. Real-time respiratory monitoring per minute
  6. Real-time posture safety monitoring results
  7. Real-time ambient temperature readings
  8. Real-time ambient humidity readings
  9. Real-time network transmission bandwidth usage
  10. Audio playback status prompt
  11. HD/SD live definition switching
  12. face capture status prompts

13.Head view control H350˚ V100˚ (This will be available in a later version)


Type of information popped up by the system:

* Abnormal heart rate status warning message

* Abnormal breathing status warning message

* Abnormal posture warning message