You may not know the baby "vision" (Part 2)

You may not know the baby "vision" (Part 2)

Babies don't see the colorful world right from birth. Newborns see the world as a blur of black and white, and by about seven months their vision is largely developed. Human pups also see us more and more clearly in front of their eyes. An interesting phenomenon is that babies see clearly what their father looks like later than their mother.

Infant vision development process

(C) 4-7 months

(1) General characteristics: color vision is fully developed at 5 months; distance vision is mature at 7 months; the ability to track moving objects is improved; depth perception: objects can be judged near and far, tall and short, three-dimensional, etc. At 5 months, babies can see the three-dimensional world and begin to observe in depth.

(2) You can often take your child outdoors to see something new and tell him the name of the object. You can also show your baby the unbreakable mirror, the image in the mirror is constantly changing, which is very attractive to him, and slowly he will know that it is himself.

(D) 8-12 months

Coordination: When 8-month-old baby starts to crawl, he starts to develop eye-hand-foot-body coordination.
Depth perception: By the time the 12-month-old can crawl and try to walk, the eyes can judge distances well and throw things with precision. at 2 years of age children should be well developed in eye-hand coordination and depth perception.

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