Other Functions

1. Cry Detection

* How to enable/disable Cry Detection alerts?

Cry Detection alerts can be turned on/off from App Settings. You may also adjust the sensitivity of the Cry Detection. (This Cry Detection function is currently removed in version 1.0.3, please wait for the new version)

· Where can I see/review all the Cry Detection events?

Pxierra consolidates Cry Detection events along with all other notifications (Covered Face, Danger Zone Detection, Temperature/Humidity Detection, etc) from the previous 7 days on the Notifications Tab.   

2. Temperature & Humidity Detection

* How to Adjust the Temperature and Humidity Detection Settings?

In Pxierra App Settings, tap on the tab for your connected camera at the top and select the Temperature Range Setting and Humidity Range Setting to adjust the range of temperature and humidity.

* Where is the Temperature and Humidity Displayed?

The temperature and humidity will be displayed on the App's home page and in full screen mode.

Pxierra Reminder: Pxierra's T&H sensor is attached to the U-Shaped camera holder/Mobile stand, please make sure Pxierra is firmly inserted onto the stand for proper indoor temperature and humidity readings. For Pxierra, please make sure to attach the T&H dongle between your camera and the cable before connecting to power.

* Review Temperature and Humidity Alerts

All Temperature and Humidity Alerts from the previous 7 days can be found on the Notifications Tab along with all other alerts (Face Covered, Cry Detection, Danger Zone entry, etc).

3. Night Light

* How to turn the Night Light on/off?

Press Pxierra' multipurpose button to turn the Night Light on and off. 
Use the Night Light switch in App Settings to turn the Night Light on and off.